Photos and Videos

Below are high-definition photos and videos from a sample of the properties we have sold in recent years. Also included with each selected property is a brief description of the transaction.

157 Allen Avenue, Waban

We brought 157 Allen Avenue onto the market at the beginning of COVID-19 epidemic, in March of 2020. We staged the home, and sold it quickly at a time when there was much uncertainly in the market.

15 Hawthorne Avenue, Auburndale

We listed 15 Hawthorne Avenue in March of 2021. It had been tenanted for a number of years, so we organized a refresh on the inside, which included painting, cleaning, window cleaning, as well as staging. The seller’s received an offer after only 4 days on the market, and $81,000 (111.11% sale to list price) over the asking price.


449 Washington Street, Newton Corner

We brought 449 Washington Street onto the market in September of 2021. We coordinated with a home transition company to help the homeowner prepare their home for sale. We also organized numerous other tasks, including staging. The seller received multiple offers after only one weekend on the market.


135 Neshobe Road, Waban

A breathtaking build by one of Newton’s best builders, we sold this home for $3,500,000 in 2018. Earlier that year, we sold 143 Neshobe Road for the same price.

8 Walnut Park – Newton Corner

We sold 8 Walnut Park in the summer of 2020. We staged the 1,100 sq. ft. condo and it went quickly.


52 Beverly Road – Newton Highlands

We sold 53 Beverly Road in the spring of 2020. After staging the property, taking professional photography and a video, the sellers accepted an offer after only one day on the market.


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