Auction 106 Dexter Road, Newton, MA 02460

On March 18th, members of the The Vaghar Team were able to attend the auction at 106 Dexter Road, Newton, MA 02460. Please see the full video below.

As many people are aware, this Spanish Style house has been on-and-off the market for a number of years. The house is right across the street from Bullough’s Pond.

The home was tenanted, so there were no interior viewings before the bidding began. The entire auction lasted less than 10 minutes, with the eventual winner, Kenny, getting the home for $1,540,000.

We spoke with Kenny about his plans for the home, but before he can do anything he will have to complete title work. As with any auction, there is a good chance that the home ultimately does not close. We shall see!

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